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  • Version: 0.62 Global MS
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Latest Changelog
2019-10-17 22:21:49 UTC


  • Halloween is here! Take a trip to the spooky haunted mansion and help out Olivia!
  • Crimsonwood Keep is here! This includes a whole new area, new quests, new items, new mobs and a new exchange.
  • Cash shop has been updated with new items (info in the Halloween thread)!
  • Goby Houses are now Holy-resistant.
  • Considering the very high spawn rates in the Deep Sea Gorge, it was way too easy for Bishops to destroy these and farm down there. To make it in line with other mages (Houses are already Fire/Ice resistant), they are now Holy resistant. This will tone down the mesos-making from this area while still leaving it intact from other classes.
  • Balanced Furies now hold 1000 stars (up from 800)
  • With the fix to Shadow Stars, we felt appropriate to give a slight touch up to the number of stars it contained to make it more worth crafting.
  • Heartstoppers no longer drop in the Haunted House.
  • They are now available through Crimsonwood; leaving them in a event-only area would've been a nightmare.
  • The monster book for warriors has received a major rebalance and stat gain progression will resemble that of pirates and bowmen. Thief book also underwent minor changes.
  • Bandit Haste now plays the proper sound effect.
  • The Raincoat set effect no longer requires an umbrella.
  • The Baseball set effect no longer requires a baseball bat.
  • Fixed missing animation frames on the GPS donor effect.
  • Fixed Devilfish Headgear and Traffic Light Hat not being aligned properly while crouching.
  • Devilfish Headgear promises to no longer eat your hair.
  • Updated Dark/Yellow Crow and Blue/Dark Metus to NPC for the correct amount.
  • Fixed bug where viewing face cosmetics with white eyes would cause players to crash.
  • Fixed the top platform in Lost Time flinging you around.
  • Fixed being able to teleport below the bridge in A Night in the Forest.
  • Fixed layering issues on the top ladder in Eos Tower 100th Floor.
  • Fixed various foothold issues in some maps.
  • Fixed various Magatia PQ mobs not having sound effects.
  • Fixed Extra A having an invincibility frame during one of his attacks.
  • Increased the vertical range on Mr. Anchor's attack.
  • Possible fix for statuses not applying correctly on mobs.

Version rev 2
  • Small fix first quest in Crimsonwood Questline
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