Guild Party Quest (Sharenian)

Guild PQ - Removal of the level 30 character requirement in Waterway Maze

We wanted guilds to PQ together without the use of low leveled mules. It didn't make sense to have a level restriction for a party quest that allows entry at all levels.

Ludibrium Party Quest

Broken Glasses - Lowered the requirement to obtain the glasses from 35 to 25

We lowered the number of runs needed to obtain the +1 All Stats Broken Glasses to give players an option to train if they didn't want to PQ.

Ellin Forest Party Quest (Poison Forest)

Max entry level - Raised by 15 to level 70

Since we have 3x PQ EXP, we wanted to make sure players would be able to upgrade their Altaire Earrings without over leveling.

Orbis Party Quest (Goddess)

Goddess Tear - Custom reward

Instead of the Goddess Wristband that no one ends up getting, the PQ rewards a custom Face Accessory called Goddess Tear which gives +1 All Stats and +20 HP & MP.

Magatia Party Quest (Romeo & Juliet)

Max entry level - Raised by 15 to level 100
Rock of Wisdom - Success rate raised to 100%
Rock of Wisdom - Requirement lowered from 35 to 20 orbs each

In order to reduce some of the RNG, the success rate of the Rock of Wisdom, which is the only thing that can upgrade Horus' Eye, has been raised from 60% to 100%. The fully upgraded pendant will now give players an extra 210 HP/MP.

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