Ghost Ship - No more AFK healing

Various Ghost Ship maps have always been incredible experience due to the very high spawn rates, easy to kill monsters and the perfect map layout. While we still want it to be a good spot to grind, the ability to just stand on the stairs and spam Heal was a bit much. The vertical attack range of Slimy, Pac Pinky and Jr. Selkie has been increased slightly; they will still be able to hit you on the stairs!

Crimsonwood - Using JapanMS version

JapanMS never got New Leaf City, therefore they decided to release their own version of Crimsonwood that was accessible from Aqua Road instead. We've decided to use this version at MapleUnity. It offers an unfamiliar experience of a familiar area. You will find things such as: a completely unique quest line, a lot more Raven weapons, two unique bosses outside the castle, a unique boss inside Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest, and even a mini boss rush. The maps look the same, but are ordered differently and have different spawns. There is only one Bigfoot spawn and one Headless Horseman spawn. We have also introduced some of the GMS training maps as well to make a true unity of both areas. This change also comes with the removal of the Bounty Hunter quests in NLC. Instead, the Deputy Star (with its +all stats lowered from 5 to 2) is rewarded after completing Urban Warrior. This area is now available.

Haunted Mansion - Only available during Halloween

We feel like Haunted Mansion should be an area similar to Happyville; only available during event periods.

Last edit: 2019-10-20 09:29:41