Improved MaxHP Increase | Improved MaxMP Increase - Now applies retroactively

These skills have always been a little weakly designed, in how you were forced to max them out first to avoid missing out on a permanent increase. With this change you're able to level it whenever it's convenient, while still receiving the full bonus!


Final Attack - Can now be toggled on or off
Final Attack (Slash Blast) - No longer deals diminishing damage per target hit

This skill has a very interesting concept but an extremely poor implementation, where investing skill points permanently comes at the cost of your mobility. Being able to turn the skill off will allow you to use it when most effective, and turn it off when being mobile is important. Slash Blast alone made Final Attack feel extremely weak, as its damage-sharing portion was unintuitive in AoE attacks, not sharing its mechanics with Slash Blast. Now it behaves like you'd expect!

Rush - Always provides momentum, even without a monster target

The extra momentum is simply a fun option for employing Rush later on.

Element Charge (Swords and Blunt Weapons) - Damage increased by 5%
Holy Charge | Divine Charge - Damage increased from 140% to 150%

Some small tweaks towards their slightly lackluster elemental damage outputs compared to other Warrior jobs, to put them a little more into line.

Blast - Range increased from melee to 150px
Blast - Damage increased by 50%

Blast had a strangely restrictive range and typically compared unfavourably to Brandish. A small range boost makes it a little safer for later bosses, where they were the only Warrior job to be so restricted in range.

Berserk - HP threshold increased to 40% at all levels

Berserk's scaling normally is amplified greatly due to its HP threshold improving both by level ups and by SP; making this change results in it being a little more intuitive for end users, as getting used to the threshold at skill level 1 and 30 is the same.

Threaten - Now reduces monster Weapon Attack and Weapon Defense at a % rate.

Paladins suffer from not having a clear identity compared to the other Warrior jobs -- we wanted to push the attributes that would make them more valuable in bossing scenarios, upping their party-based utility and slightly tweaking their unique ability to exploit element weaknesses in monsters.

Brandish - Can now attack up to 2 monsters at level 10, and up to 3 monsters at level 20

Previously, Heroes would have to obtain their Mastery Book in order to attack more monsters at level 11 and level 21. We changed this so that Heroes can now use their 4th job mobbing skill earlier.


Intelligence stat - No longer provides MP

While "pure INT" Mages were stronger than their alternative, the additional bonus of extra MP made this too good to turn up; we've adjusted a Wizard's MP gain to give both identical results. Magicians now instead gain extra MP based on their level.

Holy Symbol - EXP bonus now scales at 10% per party member, up to 160% at 6

Slightly reducing the necessity for a "HS mule" while also promoting larger parties; previously HS' bonus capped at 2 party members, making it often simply more viable to form small parties to maximize its benefit per-person.

Element Amplification - Magic Attack Bonus increased from 135% to 175%

The idea behind this is twofold: As we're removing Elemental Wands, we wanted to maintain the damage bonus granted by them -- we also want to flatten the damage curve across their skill line, slightly improving other abilities without affecting 'Ultimate' skill damage values.

Paralyze - Base damage increased from 210 to 320
Chain Lightning - Base damage increased from 180 to 270
Angel Ray - Base damage increased from 240 to 470

Upping the Mage single-target abilities helps give them more options in lieu of simple "Ult-spamming", so we've made a small adjustment in addition to the Element Amplification change. Angel Ray in particular was exceptionally poor as single-target damage, with its DPM falling short of even some 3rd-job Mages. We're bringing it a lot more into line to give Bishops more choice.

I/L Arch Mage - Now has Fire Demon and Elquines
F/P Arch Mage - Now has Ice Demon and Ifrit

We decided to swap the elemental summons and demons so Mages can use the skills that best suit their elemental attributes allowing for Mages to become stronger in their respective elements. I/L Arch Mages now have Fire Demon, which makes monsters vulnerable to ice-based attacks, and Elquines, an ice-based summon. F/P Arch Mages now have Ice Demon that makes monsters vulnerable to fire-based attacks, and Ifrit, a fire-based summon.

Ultimates - MP cost at level 30 increased from 3500 to 4500

With the increase in attack power from level 21 to 30, the 3500 MP cost made these skills far too efficient and mages could easily farm for mesos using only their ultimates on high level monsters. To make things a bit more challenging for mages, we decided to change the MP cost so that instead of decreasing by 50 per level between levels 21 and 30, it now increases by 50 per level, scaling with the increase in damage.

Thunder Spear - Base damage increased from 170 to 225

Thunder Spear was unusually weak for a single-element ability, with an unfavorable comparison to Composition in terms of DPM. Now Thunder Spear remains relevant for sheer single-hit damage, retaining a use for one-hit kills.


Final Attack - Can now be toggled on or off

As with the Warrior change, a simple adjustment to expand the available options when ranking up Final Attack.

Piercing Arrow - Charge time reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second

A simple quality-of-life change to improve the feel of this ability.

Snipe - Damage increased to 200,000
Snipe - Cooldown reduced across all levels (from 15 to 5 seconds at max level)

This ability fell behind later on, where its damage spike really wasn't high enough to compare. This change was done later in Maple's lifetime, so it felt apt to use it here.

Assaulter - Now castable even without a monster target
Sometimes the aim is just to make a skill as fun as possible, and giving Assaulter some extra mobility didn't hurt anything - it just feels a bit more enjoyable to use!

Boomerang Step - Is no longer blocked by hills
Boomerang Step - Cooldown reduced from 1000 to 500ms
Boomerang Step - Can now be used while airborne
Boomerang Step - Can now attack up to 3 monsters at level 10, and up to 4 monsters at level 20

Mostly QoL changes, but they're all aimed at making Shadowers feel more fluid and intuitive, and contribute a lot towards their late-game 'feel'.

Assassinate - Damage increased by 150%

Single-target damage was a real issue of Shadowers, with bossing being particularly difficult for them to be involved in; this should contribute towards their bossing role.

Smokescreen - Cooldown reduced to from 600 to 200 seconds
Smokescreen - Duration reduced from 60 to 20 seconds

This straightforward change allows Smokescreen to be used in a more reactionary way and gives Shadowers a little more control on when to drop it, for instance to assist after a Resurrect.

Band of Thieves - Damage increased from 210% to 250%

A pretty small adjustment to help their rather limited AoE.


Double Shot - Damage increased from 80% to 110%
Invisible Shot - Now hits up to 4 enemies

Corsairs don't have the best of time levelling up early on. These changes should hopefully make things a little easier at this point in their advancement.

Ice Splitter - Damage increased from 130% to 140%
Flamethrower - Damage increased from 160% to 170%

These skills have some great synergy, but their damage was just a little less than we'd like for 3rd-job mobbing. Quite often the cast speed made Invis Shot a good enough alternative, and we want to push these as more reliable 3rd-job skills.

Recoil Shot - Cooldown reduced from 2 seconds to 0.4 seconds

A simple change to their primary mobility skill which helps them feel dramatically more fluid, and promotes a much more enjoyable 2nd job period.

Battleship - Cooldown now 90 seconds at all levels

The fact that the cooldown increased per level meant that it was often more reliable to leave 1 point in the skill, so we're making the cooldown a flat value.

Corkscrew Blow - Always provides momentum, even without a monster target

The extra momentum just lets you employ Corkscrew Blow in a more enjoyable way.

Barrage - Cooldown reduced from 800 to 200ms

Dragon Strike - Cooldown reduced from 800 to 200ms
Dragon Strike - Can now attack up to 5 monsters at level 10, and up to 6 monsters at level 20

The cooldown for these abilities was surprisingly high, likely to force specific combo usage. It simply doesn't feel that good in practice, and these abilities were changed in a later version, so we're using the same change here.

Speed Infusion - Range increased by 20%

A small QoL change to make Speed Infusion a little less frustrating when trying to buff a group.

Energy Charge - Stance increased from 50% to 70%

Buccaneers often lose a little too much damage in places like Horntail or Zakum due to their poor range and being knocked back often. This change is aimed to make their bossing a little more enjoyable.

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