One-Handed Axe & Blunt Weapon Damage Multipliers increased:
- Stab 3.4x → 4.2x

Two-Handed Axe & Blunt Weapon Damage Multipliers increased:
- Swing 4.8x → 5.0x
- Stab 3.4x → 4.2x

Dragon Battle Axe & Dragon Flame Speed increased:
- Speed increased to 6 (was 7)

These multipliers just didn't really make sense; upgrading from a 1H Axe/Blunt Weapon to a 2H version didn't provide the same bonus that upgrading from a 1H Sword to a 2H Sword did, making them much worse in practice. Now upgrading from a 1H to a 2H Blunt/Axe weapon provides the damage range you'd expect, and along with the speed buff to end-game weapons, the two-handed variety should be a little more appealing as a result!

Knuckle Weapon Damage Multiplier increased:
- Attack 4.8x → 5.2x

Originally, we'd planned on a few changes to Buccaneer skills, but a simple multiplier change accomplishes exactly what we're aiming for - a general increase in damage all the way from 1st to 4th job, without introducing too many skill changes.

Gun Weapon Damage Multiplier increased:
- Attack 3.6x → 3.8x

As with Buccaneers, we realised we were looking at a fair few skill adjustments to address what was realistically a fundamental issue with their damage numbers being a little lower than we'd like, so improving the multiplier just seemed like a logical step, taking out the approachability factor from a page of skill adjustments with a one-line change.

More Bullet options added

Corsairs have always had very few options for bullets and they were always extremely straight-forward. We're adding more options to pick from, including some more ''fun'' ones like Assassins have. You can find Thresher Bullets from the Showa Weapon Vendor!

Elemental Wand & Elemental Staff - Removed entirely

Elemental Wands/Staves have always been problematic ever since they were released. They provided a huge damage multiplier with absolutely zero drawback, even coming without any kind of LUK requirement, making it extremely difficult to balance items against them due to their enormous power creep difference. To compensate for their removal, Element Amplification has been buffed so that Archmages aren't too nerfed compared to Bishops.

Maple Items - Anniversary only

Maple Weapons have always been extremely strong, and will not be available in MapleUnity at release. They will only be made available through a future anniversary event.

Ludibrium Cape - Stats increased

The Ludibrium Cape has always been the "Ultimate" cape obtainable in the early versions of the game; obtaining it requires the completion of a pretty hefty quest chain involving our good friend Papulatus, but unfortunately the cape has always been awful/pretty much completely obsolete. To make sure that it's worth your time, we've buffed the stats to make it a good scrolling option! It's been given +2 to All Stats, some HP/MP and SPD/JMP!

Deputy Star - Rewarded after Urban Warrior quest
Deputy Star - Made untradeable
Deputy Star - Lowered all stats to +2

Since JapanMS Crimsonwood is not part of Masteria, the Deputy Star reward has been moved to after the Urban Warrior quest. With its requirements now lowered, its stats were also decreased to make it a suitable lv. 50 early-game pendant before obtaining the Horus' Eye rewarded from Romeo & Juliet PQ.


HP Scrolls - Now grant three times as much HP

With the removal of HP Washing from MapleUnity, we wanted to give a way for the squishier classes to improve their max health (at the cost of damage) to survive the harder hitting encounters. We will also look into providing other HP increasing options!

30% Dark Scrolls - Drops added to multiple monsters

Dark scrolls play a pretty huge role in the v62 economy, and unfortunately, Nexon only added a fraction of the Dark Scrolls pool to the mob drop rate, putting the rest into Gachapon to make sure people paid money for them. We've taken just about every relevant 30% scrolls and added them as drops to at least one monster in the game. We're not revealing the drop table for them just yet, but they will be found from monsters in Deep Ludi and Leafre. Happy hunting!

Mastery Books - Drop Rates reduced

Most Mastery Books were too easily obtainable, and the Mastery Books economy would completely crash within a few months of the playerbase starting to reach boss levels. We've made adjustments and reduced the drop rate for most Mastery Books, including drops from bosses. Some of the rarer books, such as Shadow Claw 20 or books dropping in Temple of Time, have not had their rate changed.

*Note: The drop rate of the untradeable Zakum books has not been changed as well.

For more information on Mastery Books:

Onyx Apple - Now untradeable and one-of-a-kind
Onyx Apple - Magic Attack bonus increased from 100 to 250

This Weapon Attack potion has been problematic ever since it was released in the game, completely breaking the damage of certain classes such as Night Lords. We wanted to limit the quantity of these that can be brought into instanced fights to reduce the power spike it provides. Mages didn't have many options for "endgame" potions; 100 Magic Attack isn't huge, and often really wasn't worth going to pick up a once-only buff that wasn't particularly powerful for them. We've increased it so the damage bonus they receive is a little more noticeable!

Heartstoppers - Maximum stack size reduced to 10
Heartstoppers - Made available from mobs in Crimsonwood

Cider - Made untradeable

We wanted to limit the quantity of these attack potions to allow for adequate preparation before fighting bosses. We hope that this would also deter players from creating inventory mules.

New Leaf City Potions - Removed entirely

The potions introduced to the game with the release of New Leaf City completely broke the potion economy. USE items that used to be valuable like Elixirs and Sunset Dews became completely obsolete, as the NLC potions offered insane recovery for a very minimal price. We want players to be more mindful of their money/mana usage/etc, so these overpowered potions have been removed.

Dragon Stone - Can be acquired more than once

It is possible to get more than one Dragon Stone per character! Of course, this doesn't make it so you can "egg" your pendant 3 times and get a super over-powered pendant. You can scroll any Horntail Necklace with a Dragon Stone once, and then use Chaos Scrolls for the remaining 2 slots, in whatever order you want!

Chaos Scrolls and White Scrolls - Removed from Gachapon

Chaos and White Scrolls are extremely powerful, and should not be obtainable by low level players. Their value is also usually very high, and we wanted to make sure that players would have to work for them instead of relying on a very low random roll. Keep an eye out for future information on their availability!


Game-affecting Cash Shop items - Purchasable with Mesos only

MapleUnity has no "vote to win", any item that has any effect on gameplay, including messengers, pet equips and the such, must be purchased with mesos in the cash shop instead of any sort of Cash.

Weather Effects - No longer provides buffs

Weather Effects were supposed to be just that - silly little messages that would be broadcasted to everyone on the map. In the end, though, people would use them for their map-wide attack buffs instead of what they were intended for. They no longer provide buffs; players will have to make sure to bring their own buff potions at bosses.

Gachapon Tickets - Only obtainable through monster kills

Since there is no Pay2win/Vote2win in MapleUnity, we've decided to add the Gachapon tickets as Monster Drops from all the enemies in the Maple World. Be on the lookout for those (very pink and fabulous) ticket drops!

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