Death will not do us apart.

Feeling the loss of your experience more than the pain of the monster's fatal blow? Say 'NO' to waving your EXP goodbye with the help of the handy Safety Charm. Now, go forth and avenge yourself!

Safety Charm


I am Happy – Tell the world!

Did your best buddy just have a beautiful wedding ceremony at Amoria? Or a is guild mate celebrating his birthday? Share the joy with everyone else in your channel or even the world! To use the megaphones and messengers, just pick the design that best fits your purpose and type in the message. It is as simple as that!

Megaphones Maple TV Messengers Megassengers Item Megaphone


No mistake is too huge to fix.

Sometimes, all it takes is one wrong click and your mage ends up with an extra stats point in strength, or a skill point is used to learn a skill that your character would not need. Fear not, you can reverse your action and erase the mistake with the AP Reset and SP Reset scrolls. Now no accidents can stop you from having your character exactly the way you want!

AP Reset SP Reset


No more butter-fingers!

Ever lost any precious equipment due to your own carelessness? Use the Sealing Lock on your equipment and it will stick with you through thick and thin! While the lock is in effect, the equipment cannot be sold, traded and thrown away. There are three types of Sealing Locks with different lock durations, and a permanent one that will not expire once applied.

Sealing Locks


Getting things done in the blink of an eye.

We know time is precious and shortcuts are priceless. That's why now you can skip going through merchants to compare prices with the Owl of Minerva, and cut the waiting time for Duey to deliver your package with a Quick Delivery Ticket!

Owl of Minerva Quick Delivery Ticket


Why walk when you can teleport?

Although the NPCs have slashed the traveling fee for rides between certain continents, waiting for your ride could take longer than you can bear. Why not save your waiting and traveling time and check out the VIP Teleport Rock which allows you to move to a saved location.

Teleport Rock VIP Teleport Rock


Miss MapleUnity and Mr MapleUnity!

Everyone looks unique in real life, and this should be the case too in MapleUnity. How good is your sense of fashion? Do you want to change your looks yourself or do you want someone to dress you up? Each and every town has some of their own unique fashion, and with so many towns to shop in, you just might be spoilt for choice!
Hairstyle Coupon Hair Color Coupon Face Coupon Cosmetic Lens Coupon Skin Coupon