MapleUnity uses MapleGlobal version 0.62 as its base, but we have a lot of content from other versions as well as custom content. You will be able to find more information on this page.


  • 1x Meso & Drop
  • 2x Monster EXP
  • 3x Party Quest EXP
  • 4x Quest EXP

No HP Washing

What have we changed?
Scrolls that provide HP have had their HP amount tripled, allowing you to scroll your equipment to trade in some of your damage for extra HP to survive even the toughest bosses. More ways to earn HP through equipment may be introduced in the future.

Why have we chosen this?
The positives of HP washing is that it requires thought and planning from players for how much they need to wash and gear to prepare to do so. Most custom HP solutions do not really require thought, it is 'go here, kill this boss, gain HP' or dynamic HP gain, so you just have enough HP to later bosses. In our case, we want to make players really think about how much gear they need to scroll for HP and optimize their build accordingly for how quickly they want to attempt boss runs, while also making the DK class Hyper Body skill more important.

No AFK Leeching

What have we changed?
A kill timer has been introduced to prevent people from being able to leech while being inactive. This means that if you have not killed a monster or dealt at least 40% damage to a monster before it dies for 20 seconds, you will stop receiving your share of Party EXP. This system is not enabled for Boss monsters or for Clerics healing their party.

Why have we chosen this?
Playing a class you do not enjoy for an extended period of time to leech the class you enjoy playing doesn't sound like too much fun to us. This combined with the HP changes we hope would discourage this type of play without completely gutting or reworking mages.

No Vote-to-Win

What have we changed?
Unity Cash (the Cash you get for voting or referring people) can only be used for cosmetic Cash items in the Cash Shop. Items in the Cash Shop that effect the game, such as Pet Equipment and increasing Inventory Slots, can only be bought with Mesos. However, you can vote on multiple accounts.

Why have we chosen this?
Actions outside of the game directly effecting gameplay is not something we would like to replicate on our server. It is not very nostalgic.

No Pay-to-Win

What have we changed?
Donor Cash can, just like Unity Cash, only be used for (exclusive) Cosmetic Cash items in the Cash Shop. There is a wide selection of exclusive Donor Cosmetics available, and any Regular Cosmetic items that you purchase using Donor Cash will also last for 180 days.

Why have we chosen this?
We want everyone to be on an even playing ground that isn't influenced by how much real money you have.

No FM button

What have we changed?
There is no FM button, instead there is a help button that will open up an NPC window. This NPC serves as a replacement for all player commands, such as dispose, server time, character info, etc.

Why have we chosen this?
FM button is not really nostalgic and makes creating mules far more valuable.

Other Unique Features

  • Monster Book
    A v67 feature made available here.
  • Taiwan Fishing System
    Was never available in GlobalMS.
  • Japanese Wedding
    Was only available in JapanMS.
  • Widescreen Client
    Brings the game more to life.
  • No Gender Restrictions on Cosmetics
    Dress however you want!
  • And so much more...

Toggle your UI with F12 to make snazzy screenshots!

Custom launcher / patcher with video, keyboard and controller settings!

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